Democratic Party of India (DPI) is an Indian political party launched in 1961. In September 1989, DPI was formally registered by the Election Commission of India as a Registered Political Party under section 29-A of the Representation of the People’s Act, 1951.


Apart from the main agenda of Socio-Economic Empowerment of masses the DPI is very much committed towards system overhaul and propose to introduce the following Policies:

  • The DPI focusses on the promise of Equality and Justice that forms an integral part of the Constitution of India.
  • The DPI claims that the Citizens remain unheard and unseen except when it suits the politicians. DPI wants to reverse the way that the accountability of Government operates and has taken an interpretation of the concept of swaraj and human development as a base. We want accountability of the System towards the Citizens.
  • The DPI is basically Right wing when it comes to Morality and Left wing when it comes to Economics.
  • To strive hard for Socio-Economic Empowerment of masses starting from the most deprived segments of Society and minimizing of Regional Disparities and focusing on the Human Development and in-turn the Economic Development giving Pace towards Uniform Development for all.


  • Right to Reject
  • Political Decentralization
  • Right to Recall with strict focus on Referendum
  • Strengthening the Basic Structure of Unity in Diversity & Diversity in Unity with a strong focus on Secular, Socialist, Sovereign, Democratic, Republic character leading India towards an Empowered Nation.